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What To Wear When Running in 24 degree Weather?

As an avid runner I train outdoor all year long in all kinds of weather. What to wear is always my daily question and I check the weather every morning at 4AM. When I first started running I never knew what to wear during Winter runs. Countless runs later I have finally figured out how not to freeze or overheat. Layering is the key. On top I start with underarmour sports bra, tank top, underarmour fitted long sleeve cold gear, long sleeve lightly lined run jacket, columbia vest, hat and gloves. On bottom underarmour capris with long socks or ankle length UA pants (whichever I choose they are unlined). My kicks of choice are Brooks Revel 3’s. Thats it! Happy Running. Don’t over dress. I personally would rather be a bit mile 1 your internal heat will kick in and you’ll warm up. Around my waist I always wear my Naked belt to hold fuel, phone, keys, etc. coupon code: BEFITNJ

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